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Name AgPd_NPJ_2021
Extended ID AgPd_NPJ_2021_RosenbrockGubaevShapeevPartayBernsteinCsanyiHart__DS_y5m3hunroa7x_0
Description The dataset consists of energies, forces and virials for DFT-VASP-generated Ag-Pd systems. The data was used to fit an active learned dataset which was used to compare MTP- and SOAP-GAP-generated potentials.
Authors Conrad W. Rosenbrock
Konstantin Gubaev
Alexander V. Shapeev
Livia B. Pártay
Noam Bernstein
Gábor Csányi
Gus L. W. Hart
DOI 10.60732/b0e39006

Cite as: Rosenbrock, C. W., Gubaev, K., Shapeev, A. V., Pártay, L. B., Bernstein, N., Csányi, G., and Hart, G. L. W. "AgPd NPJ 2021." ColabFit, 2023.
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Elements Ag (49.36%)
Pd (50.64%)
Number of Data Objects 1,691
Number of Configurations 1,691
Number of Atoms 14,180
Configuration Sets by Name AgPd_NPJ_2021_bcc — 775 enumerated BCC configurations selected IID within the Cluster Expansion basis.
AgPd_NPJ_2021_fcc — 775 enumerated FCC configurations selected IID within the Cluster Expansion basis.
AgPd_NPJ_2021_pathway — Contains the 11 images for the transition pathway discussed in the paper.
AgPd_NPJ_2021_unrelaxed — Contains 65 unrelaxed enumerated structures that are seeds for the phonon calculations.
AgPd_NPJ_2021_relaxed — Contains relaxed versions of respective unrelaxed structures
Configuration Sets by ID CS_jdl0351kgl15_0
Data Objects
ColabFit ID DS_y5m3hunroa7x_0
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