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Name OC22-IS2RE-Validation-in-domain
Extended ID OC22-IS2RE-Validation-in-domain_TranLanShuaibiWoodGoyalDasHeras-DomingoKolluruRizviShoghiSriramTherrienAbedVoznyySargentUlissiZitnick__DS_4eb78xs9suoo_0
Description In-domain validation configurations for the initial structure to relaxed total energy (IS2RE) task of OC22. Open Catalyst 2022 (OC22) is a database of training trajectories for predicting catalytic reactions on oxide surfaces meant to complement OC20, which did not contain oxide surfaces.
Authors Richard Tran
Janice Lan
Muhammed Shuaibi
Brandon M. Wood
Siddharth Goyal
Abhishek Das
Javier Heras-Domingo
Adeesh Kolluru
Ammar Rizvi
Nima Shoghi
Anuroop Sriram
Felix Therrien
Jehad Abed
Oleksandr Voznyy
Edward H. Sargent
Zachary Ulissi
C. Lawrence Zitnick
DOI 10.60732/ced227e5

Cite as: Tran, R., Lan, J., Shuaibi, M., Wood, B. M., Goyal, S., Das, A., Heras-Domingo, J., Kolluru, A., Rizvi, A., Shoghi, N., Sriram, A., Therrien, F., Abed, J., Voznyy, O., Sargent, E. H., Ulissi, Z., and Zitnick, C. L. "OC22-IS2RE-Validation-in-domain." ColabFit, 2023.
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Elements H (0.77%)
Hg (0.77%)
K (0.94%)
O (57.66%)
Cd (0.89%)
Pd (0.82%)
Al (1.14%)
Sb (0.96%)
Se (0.88%)
Zn (0.84%)
Co (0.91%)
Ga (1.06%)
Sr (0.81%)
Ag (1.31%)
C (0.41%)
Nb (0.95%)
Rh (0.63%)
Ru (0.57%)
Bi (1.29%)
As (0.21%)
Si (0.69%)
V (1.0%)
Mn (0.83%)
N (0.25%)
Ca (0.73%)
Te (0.28%)
Mg (1.32%)
Tl (1.14%)
Ta (0.64%)
Au (0.69%)
Ba (0.77%)
Cu (0.89%)
Zr (0.79%)
Sn (0.6%)
Sc (0.74%)
Y (0.84%)
Pt (0.61%)
Cr (0.79%)
Mo (0.76%)
Ir (0.38%)
Ni (0.63%)
Re (0.45%)
Hf (0.67%)
Rb (1.53%)
W (0.63%)
Ti (0.94%)
In (0.2%)
Ge (0.78%)
Na (0.68%)
Fe (0.68%)
Li (1.18%)
Cs (0.97%)
Be (0.7%)
Lu (0.69%)
Ce (0.2%)
Pb (0.27%)
Os (0.24%)
Number of Data Objects 442,843
Number of Configurations 442,843
Number of Atoms 35,275,211
Configuration Sets by Name (None)
Configuration Sets by ID (None)
Data Objects Too many to display
ColabFit ID DS_4eb78xs9suoo_0
Files colabfitspec.json

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