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Name JARVIS_TinNet_O
Extended ID JARVIS_TinNet_O_WangPillaiWangAchenieXin__DS_3gn3jdcbl6yb_0
Description The JARVIS_TinNet dataset is part of the joint automated repository for various integrated simulations (JARVIS) database. This dataset contains configurations from the TinNet-O dataset: a collection assembled to train a machine learning model for the purposes of assisting catalyst design by predicting chemical reactivity of transition-metal surfaces. The adsorption systems contained in this dataset consist of {111}-terminated metal surfaces. JARVIS is a set of tools and collected datasets built to meet current materials design challenges.
Authors Shih-Han Wang
Hemanth Somarajan Pillai
Siwen Wang
Luke E. K. Achenie
Hongliang Xin
Elements O (5.88%)
Pt (13.67%)
V (1.0%)
Os (3.46%)
Ta (0.95%)
Sn (0.22%)
Ni (6.84%)
Ru (4.61%)
Ir (10.26%)
Mo (1.22%)
Fe (0.44%)
Rh (9.39%)
Y (0.24%)
Ag (3.32%)
Au (6.4%)
Re (6.03%)
W (4.25%)
Cu (5.98%)
Pd (8.79%)
Cr (0.74%)
Al (0.19%)
Ga (0.32%)
Co (1.05%)
Bi (0.1%)
Sc (0.37%)
Cd (0.17%)
Ti (0.94%)
Mn (0.63%)
Zn (0.56%)
Pb (0.1%)
La (0.1%)
Zr (0.59%)
Nb (0.65%)
Tl (0.18%)
Hf (0.11%)
In (0.2%)
Number of Data Objects 747
Number of Configurations 747
Number of Atoms 12,699
Configuration Sets by Name (None)
Configuration Sets by ID (None)
Data Objects
ColabFit ID DS_3gn3jdcbl6yb_0
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