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Extended ID JARVIS_SNUMAT_KimLeeHongYoonAnLeeJeongYooKangYounHan__DS_1nbddfnjxbjc_0
Description The JARVIS_SNUMAT dataset is part of the joint automated repository for various integrated simulations (JARVIS) database. This dataset contains band gap data for >10,000 materials, computed using a hybrid functional and considering the stable magnetic ordering. Structure relaxation and band edges are obtained using the PBE XC functional; band gap energy is subsequently obtained using the HSE06 hybrid functional. Optical and fundamental band gap energies are included. Some gap energies are recalculated by including spin-orbit coupling. These are noted in the band gap metadata as "SOC=true". JARVIS is a set of tools and collected datasets built to meet current materials design challenges.
Authors Sangtae Kim
Miso Lee
Changho Hong
Youngchae Yoon
Hyungmin An
Dongheon Lee
Wonseok Jeong
Dongsun Yoo
Youngho Kang
Yong Youn
Seungwu Han
DOI 10.60732/d2b06d5a

Cite as: Kim, S., Lee, M., Hong, C., Yoon, Y., An, H., Lee, D., Jeong, W., Yoo, D., Kang, Y., Youn, Y., and Han, S. "JARVIS SNUMAT." ColabFit, 2023.
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Elements As (1.48%)
Cu (1.58%)
Se (4.17%)
Ba (1.53%)
S (7.41%)
Au (0.33%)
O (26.4%)
Rb (1.2%)
Cs (1.46%)
P (2.77%)
V (0.9%)
Cd (0.61%)
Na (1.86%)
C (1.67%)
F (4.54%)
Te (1.94%)
H (3.67%)
Hg (0.8%)
N (2.99%)
Nb (0.55%)
Sr (0.97%)
Mn (0.91%)
Mo (0.46%)
Sb (1.29%)
K (2.21%)
I (2.13%)
Ti (0.43%)
Cl (4.14%)
Hf (0.11%)
Ge (0.97%)
Pt (0.24%)
Pd (0.27%)
Ag (1.11%)
Bi (0.91%)
Pb (0.75%)
B (0.72%)
Al (0.51%)
Li (1.12%)
Ca (0.82%)
Ni (0.3%)
Ce (0.05%)
Tl (0.87%)
Si (0.91%)
Ir (0.12%)
Zn (0.68%)
Cr (0.58%)
La (0.65%)
Sn (0.76%)
In (0.67%)
Lu (0.16%)
Br (1.77%)
Ru (0.19%)
Ga (0.62%)
Re (0.19%)
Y (0.39%)
Zr (0.21%)
Fe (0.82%)
Be (0.18%)
Co (0.4%)
Mg (0.36%)
Os (0.12%)
W (0.29%)
Rh (0.14%)
Ta (0.34%)
He (0.01%)
Sc (0.17%)
Xe (0.05%)
Kr (0.01%)
Dy (0.01%)
Tc (0.08%)
Th (0.0%)
Ne (0.0%)
Ar (0.0%)
Number of Data Objects 10,481
Number of Configurations 10,481
Number of Atoms 216,749
Configuration Sets by Name (None)
Configuration Sets by ID (None)
Data Objects Too many to display
ColabFit ID DS_1nbddfnjxbjc_0
Files colabfitspec.json

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